Our Human Rights must always be fought for and protected.


We must not accept that our Rights are 'theirs' to remove.


It is increasingly becoming the 'norm' for our Human Rights to be suspended

or removed.


There are laws which allow those in Public Office to remove or suspend our

rights in 'our best interest'.


Whose best interest? Ours or theirs?


We, as a concerned collection of people, are focused on and only on,




We are a non-profit organization.


We are volunteers. Not Lawyers.


We will not be divided by Religion, Race nor Politics.


Governments, Establishment Media and many Human Rights Organisations have made it very difficult for you to use the Human Rights Laws to stop the abuse of your Rights.


At HR4TV we welcome your involvement through our Facebook, Youtube and Twitter Pages.


We are creating a Global People's Movement to ensure Human Rights are protected not removed. Our Group is for those discarded by the very people employed to ensure the protection of our rights.


"Together we stand and no one gets left behind".


Thank you for your interest.


Pauly Be