The Chase Walker Steven story

The Story of Chase and the Fight for His Rights and the Truth

Chase has cerebral palsy and brain damage, due to mistakes made in the hospital at birth. Chase’s records indicate that he might have had 2 doses of the Hep.B vaccine at birth.He was deprived of oxygen and started having seizures just hours after birth. Chase is 4 now and still has multiple seizures every day.

Jacinta Walker, known as Cini and Marc Stevens welcomed their son Chase into the world in August 2012. Life started off a little rocky for this much-loved boy with delivery room complications and meconium (the baby’s first feces) being found in his oesophagus. His Apgar scores (a quick method used to summarise the health of a newborn child) however were 8 at 1 minute, 9 at 5 minutes and 10/10 at the 10 minute mark of life, indicating the best possible physical outcome. Shortly thereafter, he was administered the routine Vitamin k injection allegedly without his parents’ consent and within two hours of that shot, he started experiencing seizures. Midwives initially dismissed Cini’s concerns but 10 hours later, Chase was rushed off to the special care nursery where his oxygen levels were observed at a low 82%, indicating he was lacking oxygen supply. Within a few hours he developed jaundice and was put in an incubator where he spent the next 4 days.

In order to find out what may have been causing Chase’s seizures, an MRI was performed on day 4 of life, which showed no signs of brain abnormalities. The following day, his medical records indicate he had a 30-second seizure. Despite this, just 1 ½ hours later, Chase was given the hepatitis B vaccine – a shot that is intended to stop infection with hepatitis B virus (which is typically acquired during unsafe sex and by intravenous drug users sharing needles).

His mother believes he may have mistakenly received two doses of this vaccine as there appear to be two records on the same date, on two different pages of his baby book, one of which is crossed off with the word “error” beside it. The word “error” and the date of the entry that had been crossed off, was in a different handwriting to the one that had been placed in the correct section of his baby book. While this does not prove Chase had been given two doses, it does leave some unanswered questions. It is also interesting to note that the Immunisation Register has no record of this vaccine ever being administered.

Administrating multiple vaccine's to such a Young Child without waiting for the long-term effects to be fully assessed is a questionable medical policy as is using drugs without first discussing the possible side-effects with parents.


There seems little doubt that Chases' treatment was experimental and not proven. Changes to the Law are required to protect the rights of children and the individual from being subjected to treatments that are not forecastable and/or proven.


Chase's Parents have every right to question any treatment that is being or will be used on their son. Chase has rights under Human Rights Laws and no treatment should be given to Chase without a full discussion with his Parents unless of course it is a life at immediate risk.